For the first time in Bulgaria – in one blood sample SAA+CRP+CBC+DBC

SAA (Serum Amyloid A) is an acute phase protein marker of inflammation. It is many times more sensitive than the classic CRP (C Reactive Protein) and reacts to even the mildest viral infections and the earliest phases of mixed infections.

The measurement of SAA simultaneously with CRP, CBC (Complete Blood Count) and DBC (Differential Blood Count) allows to determine  very accurately determine the type of infection – mainly viral, bacterial or mixed, as well as the phase and dynamics of its course. This, in turn, leads to much more adequate and accurate therapy, specifies the use of antibiotics and antiviral agents. Good control of the phases of the infectious process minimizes the risk of complications.

This combination of parameters is new, modern and just entering medical practice.

For the first time in Bulgaria, VelaClinic introduces as a regular daily practice the use of the combination of SAA, CRP, CBC, DBC in one blood sample. The examination is carried out with a DM79X device – a chemoanalyzer of the latest generation of the Chinese company Dymind, it takes only a few minutes and is ready within the examination. From March 2022 to today, in VelaClinic – Plovdiv, we have done over 3000 examinations and we report a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the treatment of our patients.

Equipment has already been delivered and all our clinics will be equipped with DM79X, with which we will unify this approach and consolidate the use of the combination – SAA +CRP+CBC+DBC.


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