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Our mission

VelaClinic is dedicated to providing the best possible pediatric care for its subscribers and free paid patients, by constantly improving and enriching its unique work model, increasing the qualifications and skills of its doctors and nurses, in accordance with the highest standards of medical practice. In the name of this goal, VelaClinic will make every effort to be a benchmark for the highest quality 24-hour uninterrupted medical care for children, providing conditions for the best professional development and realization of its employees.

Our Clinical Cases

During the period from 01January till 31.October VelaClinic Plovdiv has performed 1945 medical examinations. This was the period of the first Covid19 wave in the country and respectively the one with strongest restrictive epidemiological measures. We did not refuse or quit treatment of any of our subscribed children with Covid 19. For this quoted period we have hospitalized only 22 children.

In the course of years 2017 – 2019 we have traced down the percentage of children which we have directed for hospitalization versus the total number of our subscribed children. Our figures vary between 9% and 11% per 1000 and this result is very close to the best benchmark standards worldwide as Switzerland with 6.6% and USA with 7.9% per 1000..