Main features of illness in children

Измерване на темперетура на малко дете

Every child is a young growing organism, the younger it is, the more fragile and vulnerable it is physiologically.

Diseases in children are significantly more dynamic, quickly changing their course and easily lead to complications and/or severe, threatening conditions. This requires extreme attention and professionalism in their treatment, which is why pediatrics is one of the most difficult and complicated disciplines in medicine.

The main mechanism by which all risks for the child can be reduced to the absolute minimum is the systematic monitoring of the course of the disease.

It has been proven that daily, every 24-hour controls by professionals practically create a complete guarantee for the timely detection and prevention of any complications, and also give the opportunity for a much more physiologically tailored treatment, specifically assessed according to the stage of the disease.

At the same time, in order for this to be feasible in practice, the family must be provided with the opportunity to receive examinations without unrestricted 24/7 fail, around the clock and an unlimited number of times, at an absolutely affordable price that is not a barrier to the next necessary examination.

Vela Clinic 24-hour clinic is a specialized health facility with a 24-hour, uninterrupted rhythm of work, created for out patient treatment and prevention of children’s diseases from the first days after the child’s birth until his growth into adolescence.

The VelaClinic model is unique and created specifically to be as adequate as possible for the correct diagnosis, follow-up and cure of any outpatient child illness.

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